Broken Tomatillo

Garden Casualties

The growing season has just started and I already have a couple casualties. The first one was one of the two tomatillo plants. Having four tomatillo plants last year was a bit much so I decided to scale it down to two this year. I transplanted them to the garden …

Kale and Bok Choy

Early Spring Harvest

This is the first harvest of the year from the garden. Just a little of baby bok choy and a little of baby kale. Not much but enough for a delicious stir-fried dinner.

Pepper seedlings

Repotting Day

The tomato and pepper seedlings are getting crowded after 3 weeks. Some were started in the one inch flat, some in bigger …

Tomato and Pepper Seeds

Spring Preparation

It seems like we will have a late Spring this year due to the deep cold Winter. I am getting a slow …

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Starting Onions from Seeds

I decide to try starting Onions from seeds this year. I always have onions in my garden and those onions usually last …