Freshly harvested garlic

Spring vs Fall Planted Garlic

Could garlic be planted in Spring? It’s a question I’ve always wondered. This Spring, I decided to find out. In order to have them successfully grown, I did try to simulate the growing condition somewhat. I gave these garlic a long chill period in the refrigerator over the winter months. …

Beans and Tomatoes

Peas done, beans and tomatoes coming

It’s full on Summer. The temperature hovers in the 80’s, humidity is high, and thunderstorms are frequent. The heat is getting to high for the peas so it’s time to pull them out. Some of the garlic have been pulled as well. The earliest sowed beans are now ready for …

July Garden

July Garden

If May and June are planting time, July is weeding time. All the plants look so much happier with the rain, and …


June Harvest

The radishes were harvested. They took no time at all! Soon, there will be garlic scapes!

June Garden

June Garden Update

Gardening has finally slowed down. All the garden space has been planted either with seedlings or seeds. All the paths are made …

First Strawberry

First Strawberry

I just got the first strawberry of the season. It was heavenly! This is the reason I can no longer eat store …

Crinkle cress and beet tops

Today’s Harvest

Spring greens are starting to trickle in. Today, I harvested a row of Wrinkle Crinkle Cress and a row of Beet Top …

Sunset over garden

It’s weeding time!

After a few days of rain, the garden is happy and the weeds start to make strike. I have been weeding every …