Garlic being cured

Curing Garlic on Tomato Cage

The garlic on my community garden plot started to yellow signaling it was time for harvest. Taking advantage of a few dry …


Common Garden Weeds

To efficiently control weeds in the garden, I need to understand them first. To understand them, I need to know what they …


Basil = Pesto

Yesterday, I pruned my basil. The more basil is pruned, the plant will get bushier. The result of my prunning is that …

Chicks outside

Chickens are now outside

At about a month old, the girls got to move outside. We rushed to get the chicken run ready. Its frame is …

Freshly Picked Strawberries

More strawberries

The strawberries are coming in like crazy now. I’m picking them daily and they keep on coming.